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Directions to Mary Help of Christians Academy

From     Route 80 Eastbound:
 1. Exit Route 80 at MINNISINK ROAD Exit (Totowa).
 2. Turn left onto Minnisink Road.
 3. At the light (T-shaped intersection), make a right.
 4. Go past an elementary school (on your right) to the light. This is Union Blvd. Make a left.
 5. Stay on Union (it becomes Union Ave. once you enter Paterson),until you can go no further(T- intersection; Checker's Hamburger Store is in front of you.) This is West Broadway.
 6. Make a right onto West Broadway, and then a quick left onto Belmont Ave.
 7. Stay on Belmont for approx. 2 miles. You will come to an intersection with a Dunkin' Donuts and
 Big Jim's Pizzeria. Pass this intersection.
 8. Approx. ½ mile on the left, you will see a driveway for "St. Joseph's Provincialate". Pass this driveway.
 9. The next driveway on your left is for MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS ACADEMY. Make the left.

 From     Route 80Westbound:
 1. Exit Route 80 at the UNION BLVD.-TOTOWA Exit.
 2. Follow directions from #5 above.

From     Garden State Parkway Southbound:
 1. Exit at the SADDLEBROOK Exit (Bear right).
 2. Follow signs for Route 80 West.
 3. Follow directions above for Route 80 Westbound.

From     Garden State Parkway Northbound:
 1. Exit on EXIT 155P-PATERSON.
 2. This brings you onto Route 19. Stay on Route 19 and exit at Grand Street.
 3. At Grand Street (there is a light), make a left.
 4. At the Second light make a right ( You'll see signs for the Paterson Historic District and the Great Falls).
 This is Spruce Street (which will change into Wayne Ave.) to Union Ave.
 5. At Union Avenue (there is a liquor store on your right), make a right.
 6. Follow directions from #5 above (listed under Route 80Eastbound).

From     Route 46(East or Westbound):
 2. Follow directions from #5 (above-Route 80 Eastbound).

 From 287 North
 If you are traveling 287 North toward Suffern ,you will follow 287 North going toward Franklin Lakes.

Stay on the right side of the highway because soon 287 will fork into 208 South; take the first exit on 208 South (Colonial Road/High Mountain Rd. At the Stop sign, make a left onto High Mountain Road.

Make a Left at the Stop sign onto High Mt. Road all the way to Belmont Ave.(***The ride on High Mountain Rd. is about 10 minutes or so. A few minutes after you pass the reservoir which is on your left, you will see a fork in the road(around a curve); be on the right side and take the right fork--which is Belmont Ave. Follow this till after the only traffic light you will have seen since you go off the highway. Soon you will come to the entrance for Mary Help of Christian Academy. Take the first right entrance.

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