Welcome to our Salesian insights page! In a world that often buzzes with activity and all too often, superficiality, it is our aim to offer you some spiritual thoughts as you seek God's will.

Over the next few months, using excerpts from the DMA, the Salesian Sisters' magazine, we will be developing the topic of prayer. Each month we will present a different facet so that you can take with you one simple, yet, deep thought as you go about your daily endeavors. Here is the development at a glance:

April:              The great thirst
May:               Listening above all
June:             Guarding the seed
August:         From the diving board of trust
September:  Letting the veil fall
October:       Becoming love
  Sentinel in the night

"Prayer is powerful if done with faith. Courage, be tranquil and assured that God will help us in our every need. The most important thing is that we be faithful to His graces which He always gives us." St. Mary Mazzarello

From the diving board of trust
"Increase in yourself the fire of holy desire and do not cease to cry out before me", says the Lord, "with a humble voice and in trusting prayer." (St. Catherine)

In moments of weakness there is the temptation to think that the Lord will reject our prayer. Even those experienced in prayer know this reality. But instead, no! It is very important that we take the teaching of St. Paul seriously: "It is precisely when I am weak that that the power of Christ triumphs in me."

Human logic is so different from the trust experienced by the prayerful person who looks beyond self and turns their imperfections over to God in simplicity. In seeking and looking to Him they instead see themselves as a cause of His love.

Prayer is, therefore, like a great sea. The water is the love of God that calls us to swim with ever renewed enthusiasm. But in order to throw ourselves into the sea, we need a diving board, that of the trust of an evangelical child.

Speaking of that great person of prayer, St. Teresa, Maximilian Herraiz Garcia writes: "Love makes prayer and transforms it, ultimately qualifying it into love."

We may add that love is true to the depths when it coincides with the simple heart of a child.

The "least in the Kingdom" does not create problems. If he/she is capable of praying, the person knows how to pray well and the prayer is efficacious. They pray and that's enough! "I am your child, happy to belong to you. I entrust myself to you. Give me a little push off the diving board of trust and I will learn how to swim (pray) in you."

Sr. Maria Pia Giudici, FMA

Who prays?
"The person who prays is like a child who awaits all from God, allows herself/himself to be led by Him, is nourished and consoled, feels safe, is urged to grow enfolded in Him."
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