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"For you I study
for you I work
for you I live
for you I am ready to
give my life."
Don Bosco

...among the young
...for the young
...with the young

Like Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello, we feel challenged by Christ the Good Shepherd, and have made it our commitment to give our life for the young. We begin by meeting them where they are, listening to their demands and aspirations, helping them develop their unique gifts, and offering them an environment full of life and alternatives for a higher, more meaningful way of living.

Nourished by the experience of our own prayer and community life, we lead the young to the joy of a relationship with Jesus and Mary, a sense of belonging to the Church, respect for all life, and ultimately to the discovery of their own vocation. A very important means is educating them to a deep sacramental and Marian life through which they enflesh their Catholic identity and find strength to better society through service.

In our approach, the Gospel is linked to everyday life in a family atmosphere. The young are able to feel welcomed, experience mutual confidence with their educators, develop leadership qualities, and share in our ministry. In turn, the warmth and spontaneity of the family atmosphere allows the questions of the young to challenge and change us so that together we walk (and even run) along the path to holiness.

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